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Open another SControl from Web tab

I want to mimic the behaviour of a standard object tab with two scontrols.
I put one scontrol on a web tab which shows a list of some custom objects.
When the users clicks on one object I want to display the details of this custom object on the same web tab.
I tried

top.location.href = "servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=00b30000000rk5n&eid=" + dynaBean.get("Id");

to go to the details scontrol. It works and the details scontrol is displayed but  the selected tab on the top changes to "Contacts" (?).

Is it possible to "replace" the current scontrol with another on the same web tab ?





Message Edited by BoolsEye on 07-12-2006 10:14 AM

I haven't tried this to see if it works, but...

I know when I reference the url in an S-Control, I have to use parent.location.href... Maybe just make the target of the link '_parent'

<a href='whatever' target='_parent'>stuff</a>


Worth a shot, I guess.