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Query Run Times

I'm running a query which grabs several fields from each of our 900 users...  Just to run the query with no manipulation or displaying takes about 25 seconds.
Is this on par?
Is the User table somehow slower to query than other tables?
Not sure whether it's on par or not but I've found it's quicker, when dealing with a large amount of data, to query for IDs and then use those IDs to retrieve the other data.  You can retrieve in chunks of 200, so using that to it's fullest potentential is key.  The speed thing is a bigger deal in IE because Firefox seems to handle salesforce data transactions with the quickness (comparatively speaking).  Then again, it might just be my imagination.


Yeah, good call on that... I did some experimentation and querying more fields versus less effects run time more than I would have thought.  I figured the bulk of the run time was spent finding records that match your criteria, but once it has the records whats one more field?  I guess I should have paid more attention in my database classes. :smileytongue:

Thanks Zach.