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ajax toolkit 8.0

I'm trying to test soql-r queries...is it simply a matter of linking up with the 8.0 api or do i need to reference the 8.0 ajax toolkit as well?
if it's simply an api issue, how can i link up with the prerelease 8.0 api?
Thanks in advance.
SOQL-R is a winter 07 feature.  I don't think the beta toolkit works with soql-r (although I may be wrong).  Rather than worry about the beta working with soql-r, it is best to use the released version of the toolkit.  Of course, you can only do this if you have access to the pre-release stack.

    Do you know where i could get a copy of the new AppExchange Explorer (for the prerelease environment)?  I could not find it anywhere online.  Please instruct.  Thanks.
Not publicly available yet, but will be by the time prerelease is available.
Thanks Dave.