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Salesforce-Phonegap and Sencha touch integration issue

Hi all,


I have developing an ios app using salesforce mobile sdk 1.4 with sencha touch at front end. I am using Phonegap/Cordova version 2.2. My Application is able to login successfully with salesforce but when tried to load app.js on simulator its loading smoothly but on device getting a WHITE BLANK SCREEN.


I am not getting any error at logs/console, Am i missing something ?


I am using sencha touch version 2.1



this is my app.js


    name: 'Sencha',
    controllers: ['Main'],
    views: ['Main'],
    stores: ['Contacts'],
    models: ['Contact'],

    launch: function() {
            xtype: 'mainpanel'

  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.




 Manish Kumar






Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

If you are using other JS libraries such as jQuery, please ensure that you include Sencha Touch first followed by others, otherwise it can cause conflicts leading to a blank UI.


I hope this helps.




Did any one got resolution for this issue..


Mine was callback url problem. How to make call back for phonegap's index.html after authendication??



Thanks in advance!!