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How to display Account ID on Account Details page

Can anybody please help me out , I would like to display account id in the account details page.

I tried creating a formula 'Account Code' field and coped Id in it.

The formula field 'Account Code' in which I copied the Id is not showing the last three Characters (Truncating) of the ID hence I am not able to search for the Account using this field.

I tried to increase the length of the 'Account Code' formula field, I was not able to do it..

Please Help.



Hi again,
I do not know Java, and I no nothing about S-controls.
Can some body help me building a s-contol which I can Link from the Account Details Page which will display Account Id of that particular Account.
thanks in Advance,
Amitabh Sharma
To display the Account ID on the detail page, create a custom formula field with the return type of "text", and use the formula:


Note, however, that this will not allow you to search in Salesforce based on the ID; you would want to create an S-Control or simply use the ID in the URL/address bar:


~ sfdcfox ~
Thanks for the reply.
I created a formula field that would return text  the length is 1300 then I selected Id.
I am getting the Account Id in the formula field but the last three characters of the ID are not showing.
We have recently bought the SFDC licence and we are in the process of implementing. Our Accounts Department is using a different Application till the time we integrate we would like to cut and paste the Account Id for all Opportunity closed/won for Billing.
I also tried to create a s-control and created a link from the Account details page, which on clicking should display the account Id in a New window. - still no success .
Thanks in advance
Thanks once again,
By changing the ID which I was able to generate  in the URL/address bar I could go directly to the Account Details Page.