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Removing custom fields

  I'm in the process of deprecating a good number of fields on our lead and account objects (as part of a process we're undergoing here to restructure how we're modeling our data in Salesforce) and am hitting a wall with deleting some of our custom fields.

In several cases, in deleting a field, I was notified that a field was being referenced, and a link would be supplied to where the offending field was in use (typically in a custom link or button).  There's a good dozen however where I'm getting the same error, but this time instead of an actual useful bit of information, I get bupkis.

Instead, I get an error stating that the requested change can't be completed; reason: "This custom field is referenced elsewhere in Salesforce."  Section: "This custom field is referenced elsewhere in Salesforce."  So I've been clicking around anywhere that seems to make sense--I've scoured S-Controls, custom links, workflow rules, lead field mappings--and for the life of me I can't identify where these references exist.  To say this process is frustrating is a colossal understatement.

Anyone have pointers on another approach I might be able to approach to try to figure out where else I need to sever these references?
I think there's no such way within salesforce.com which can guide u that where a particular object is being used and hence where u need to change. If it is not showing by defauklt... then  oyu have to just check the entire application
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Bad thing ...