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Can URL fields support file:// URLs?

I want to put a file url (file://host/path/filename.pdf) that points to a file on my local network in a field of type url so when a user clicks on it in a custom object detail view, it links to the document and opens it in the same way as a normal hyperlink using the http:// protocol.  When I do this though, the text "http://" gets appended to the field and it ends up looking like (http://file://host/share/filename.pdf) which doesn't work.  How can I make this work?

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any ideas on how to support file urls in a url field?  when i click on them i want them to open up a file on my local network instead of a general http url... thanks
I am also very interested in knowing the solution to this.

You can't do it in a URL field, but you can do this in a text area field. Try this:


In a Text Area or Text Area (Long) field, this text will become an active hyperlink.

The \\computer%20name format is also supported.

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Check out the Case Detachifier as a good sample.  It is on the appexchange. 


they use very small html files that are essentially re-directs.


Internet Explorer will not allow you to redirect to files on your harddrive due to security zone settings of the browser. However, it will allow urls to the local network.