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AJAX 8.0 session management issue

Now the AJAX Toolkit handles all session management once you log in.

Just curious if I do not call a s-control directly but use it in an URL  (/servlet/servlet.Integration?lid=xxxxx),
how do I set the session id then?

I think you can use URLFOR in your scontrol instead of hardcoding the URL.

From the docs:

Description:     Returns a relative URL for an action or s-control.
Use:     {!URLFOR(target, id, [inputs], [no override])} and replace target with the URL, id with a reference to the record, and inputs with any optional parameters. The no override argument is also optional and defaults to "false." It applies to targets for standard Salesforce pages such as $Action.Account.New. Replace no override with "true" when you want to display a standard Salesforce page regardless of whether you have defined an override for it elsewhere.

Cool, thanks! :smileyvery-happy: