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calling packages methods

how can invoque a package method from s-controls ?
Include the apex.js file (same location as connection.js) and use the execute method

sforce.apex.execute(<packageName>, <methodName>, {arg1Name: arg1Val, arg2Name: ag2Val...}, callBack);

You need to maker sure you package method has webService as the declaration.

webService String myMethod(arg1Name, arg2Name) {
    return 'String';
thanks !! now i need call it from java using web services. (i'm new...)
You will need to download the wsdl for your package and go through all the same kind of gymnastics that you would for the standard Apex API to generate a client and then, off you go.
mmmm... I do not find examples. Can you guide me a little with some codes ? (as preview post is fine)

thanks in advance