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Does overriding the View button work after editing a record?

After editing a record, you are brought back to the view page of that record.
I have overridden the 'View' function on my custom object to run an s-control upon View.
However, when I edit a record, click save, and am brought back to the View page for that record, my s-control does not run.  I have to click on that record again to launch the s-control.
Is this expected behavior?  Is the only alternative to run the s-control in a field?
This is not the expected behavior.  The Standard Button Overrides are global -- thus, and call to the View url for your custom object should render your sControl, not the standard page.  There is a query parameter that gets around this.  It is called "nooverride".   For example, if you override the Account View action, then:

https://na3.salesforce.com/0015000000INutL will take you to your sControl


https://na3.salesforce.com/0015000000INutL?nooverride=1 will take you to the standard account detail page.

There might be something going on with nooverride, or with the retURL query parameter.  Are you saving from a standard edit page?