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Custom Object Import Issues

I have tried to import data for a custom object that tracks ticket purchases for our organization. According to the import wizard:


"Ticket Details records have lookup relationship fields that you can set to link Ticket Details with existing records in salesforce.com."


The lookup relationship fields that we are trying to link are existing Person Accounts. The wizard seems to recognize all of the fields that we've mapped in the csv file, but when the ticket detail is created, it does not contain the "Purchaser" field (Person Account Name). This is problematic because it is just creating ticketing details without linking to the appropriate account.


Does anyone have any experience with this? Any known fixes that would enable us to import this custom object while linking it to Person Accounts?


Thanks in advance!


I had a similar problem importing data for a child object where the parent id was ignored using the admin feature

Setup_Data Management_Import Custom Objects.


I eventually asked for help from Salesforce and we resolved the issue by using Apex Data Loader which requires using a Windows machine and the Salesforce ID for the parent object ID.


The impression SF left me is that if it is a simple custom object using the admin feature is fine quick and efficient. As soon as you have a complex parent child relationship OR high volume data use the Apex Data Loader ... now if only there was a dta loader for the Mac.


Hope this helps.