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Email-to-Case agent: Stopping task creation when case is created

We are experimenting with the email-to-case agent.

Is there a way to stop the creation of the follow-up task when the case is created from the email?



From information I have read on other posts it is all or nothing.

For us the activities are excellent and exactly what we need, sorry it doesn't work that way for you

please someone correct me if required

I am hoping to resolve this with SF.  I saw Scott's reply on this, but I have spoken to 2 people at SF who said it should not do this.  I have opened a case, and will let you know what I find out.  I know this question has been out there a long time, so perhaps there have been some changes since your original post and SF's reply...
Jason L.ax300Jason L.ax300
Thought I'd share how we deal with this.   I think I read a post a while ago about creating a workflow rule to handle it, so this is what we did:

1) created a workflow rule with these rules:
 - only when a task gets created
 - check to see if the subject contains ("Email:" and "ref:")  OR ("Email:"  and "Case:")

2) create a workflow action:
 - set the status of that newly created task to 'completed'

This seems to work fine.  Only 1 task is created when the case itself is created.  We've put in a process so support knows to respond to the case by clicking the 'reply all' link in the first inbound email which closes that first task off. 

We were more concerned with the back-and-forth creating additional activities which clutters up the 'my tasks' on the homepage.  This seems to work very well, but of course you need Enterprise or higher to use workflow.

We open task when external system changes status filed on the record.

Did anyone know how to close same task, when status was updated ?

Thank you