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How to Integrate MySQL Database to Salesforce Application

 Hi all,

we have developed a web application using spring framework with MySQL5.0.

Now, we are in the process to make this application to be multitenant using salesforce.

Especially my part in this process is to Integrate MySQL Database to Salesforce Application.

I need suggestion to move forward with this process.

Waiting for your valuable response.





Hi Jude,

Is your application built in PHP using MySQL?

You need to move your database on to salesforce and design the functionality provided by your application using salesforce constructs:-

1. Sites

2. VF pages.


hope this gives you an insight in planning your strategy.




To perform the DML operations from salesforce to  the SQL Server Database we have some Integration tools.

1. Jitterbit --> helps to perform the DML operations from Salesforce to SQL Database. (Its a GUI)

2. SqlForce -->  Helps to perform the DML operations from Salesforce to SQL Database(Its a CUI)

3. CopyForce -->  Helps to Copy whole Salesforce Objects data into SqlServer Database(Its a CUI)


If it is not solving your problem, let me know the exact requirement





An additional option is cloudconnect.com; unlike the other options listed here is a true -as-a-Service offering, so you all you need to do to get started is enter your salesforce credentials. Cloudconnect.com will provision and manage the database (Heroku or AWS), and will maintain a near real-time bi-directional synchronization.

You can easily integrate MySQL to Salesforce with the help of Skyvia (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-salesforce-mysql). It is a completely no coding web service with convenient interface.