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What are the minimum security precautions should be taken before the review process take place

What are the criteria before going for the security reviews,do i need to all users setting,client side setting and all before the review.

Actually how the process takes place ,do we need to provide the packaged link to them.if u any one have knwoldege about the security reviews please help me out.




Nimble TedNimble Ted

The Security Review webinar is a great resource for those new to the process.  




 The webinar link requires a @partnerforce.com login. 


The process is also described by this public DeveloperForce page -- http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Security_Review




Even though i have partner training account i am unable to access the above mentioned link

Nimble TedNimble Ted

@partnerforce.com != @partnertraining.com