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Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed 

Can i develop an manage package in enterprise edition

When i have develop my complete application on the enterprise edition.And in packaging it provide me that we can only develop an unmanaged application.How do I can develop an managed package in enterprise edition.Is there any alternate to develop an managed application.





Nimble TedNimble Ted

The Developer Edition, which you can create a managed package is free. The idea is that you create the managed package in a (free) Developer Edition organization, and then upload and install it to other organizations.  


If you developed the application with the Force.com IDE under Eclipse, you can push the code to a Developer Edition organization, and package it there. 


Another option is the Force.com Migration Toolkit which can also retrieve code from one organization and deploy it to another. 


There are a lot of details involved in the pacakging process, and even more in releasing a package through the App Exchange. It's important to take the time to review all of the materials before doing too much of the work. (And even then, there are a number of things that you can only learn when going through the process.)