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Publishing Hybrid force.com app on Apple App Store

Is there anything that can prevent a Hybrid force.com app from publishing on Apple's App Store? Also I was wondering, is there any particular reason why salesforce rolled out their own app store (AppExchange).


Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

We have a number of hybrid apps on App Store - never faced any major trouble with the app approval process. As for Mobile AppExchange, it showcases the best mobile apps relevant to Salesforce world so discoverability is high. It's a logical mobile extension for the AppExchange which features a collection of Salesforce (non-mobile) apps.


I hope this helps.


Apple’s App Store application review process is designed to keep the app ecosystem healthy and to protect users from low-quality user experience or hostile apps.

Reason of app on Apple Store rejected except normal criteria which are not unique for force.com, Hybrid app must not take long load time and by any functionality app must not indicate that it is beta or unfinished. Apple clearly indicated these conditions in their app review guidelines.

In addition apple doesn't have extra guidelines for force.com. Apple follow normal use cases.





How did you respond to Apples Export Compliance questions when you submitted your hybrid force.com apps?  Did you need to get cryptography export permission for each app?

- Ron