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Offline Hybrid Development

just a quick question

If  i am developing a Offline Hybrid application in that case i belive we cannot use VF pages

I think i need to write HTML5 Page


As it's a offline application so if internaet is not aviable i belive users are not able to access the VF Pages


Please provide your valueable thoughts


In Hybrid application offline pages are mostly used when we need some common page e.g header/footers. We can take a example that suddenly internet is disconnected in that cas we don't need to fetch a page from web(we can't), we just show a offline page with appropriate message. In most application welcome/login pages are offline they connect to internet when you do some user operation on it e.g. signing in by taping login button. And these pages are HTML5 pages because visualforce pages are only accessible in force.com plateform which require internet, So you need to write HTML5 pages.

Gaurav KheterpalGaurav Kheterpal

It really depends on what you want the app to do in an offline scenario. In most cases, the requirements are that the user should be able to login to the app and do stuff as usual and when the Internet connection is available, provide a sync capability so that your CRUDs can be pushed online.


And you're right - you're better off using a HTML5 framework (plenty of good choices - jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, Sencha Touch) + CSS to create your pages rather than using VF for such a scenario.


There is a good tutorial on what use cases you should consider for offline and how to implement it here - http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Developing_Offline_Apps_with_SmartStore


Hope this helps.