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Partner Portal- Admin tab

Hi All,

We are having an issue setting up our portal users.  The SFDC Partner Portal best practices guide says "3.Select the new user from the Admin tab and choose Generate Password."  I cannot find this Admin tab inside of the Portal.  Seems logical that there is a way to turn this feature on, inside of Config.properties.

Does anyone know how to expose the Admin tab inside the Partner Portal?

Micaiah Filkins
MicaiahF -
I hope by now you've figured this out however since getting back to the boards I thought I would post for those after us. 

All adminstration of the partner portal users is done via the normal SFDC adminstration. Therefore log into SFDC goint to the user management and creating a new user and 'generate' password like you would for any other user.  However there is an issue with this.... the link to which they are sent is the SFDC "Front Door" aka, salesforce.com/login.jsp.  You need an email that has 'your company's site'.

This is an outstand issue with this, however I've been told maybe in the Winter 07 release they will address this.