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Looking for a pop3 tool to get a simple mailtocase running.

I'm looking for a Windows exe or java component to get mails from a pop3 server. We do not use a imap email server.
I'm using the Professional-Edition, so no API is available - and I'm not a programmer... So the customized emailtocase component should only be configures by configuration-files.
Has anyone customized the free mailtocase component from salesforce for importing cases from a pop account?
Thanks from Germany
Hi Kai,

There might be a simpler solution available to your POP3 issue.

When faced with this issue in the past, all I did  was setup a mail redirect from say support@mycompany.com to another email address that had IMAP access.  The customers and support agents are none-the-wiser as it happens behind the scenes.  Once the email forward is in place.  Setup the email-to-case agent to check the IMAP box per the directions in the email-to-case agent. 

Simply put, just forward the emails to an account with IMAP access.

Hope this helps,

Hi Micaiah!

What a simple solution! Cool Idea. - very simple... :-)

I will try it! - Thanks!!!