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Apparel Magic

Looking for an App or some codes that will enable client's SF to talk to Apparel  Magic (clothing inventory database)
Any leads appreciated!
I think that you were asking this for me at Sage creek.
Is that you?

Did you get any help?

Yep Allan that's me! no response from here - however if you are still interested in that  - i may have something.
all the best

There are plenty of online apparel stores. ShoppingSpout gives value to their customers those are looking for plus size apparels. Evans have around 300 stores in UK and Ireland. They are now planning to serve the customers of the world. You can get amazing Evans promo codes and discounted coupons from shoppingspout.com

Eva TimEva Tim
Florina he is not asking for coupon codes (http://www.saveomania.com) to buy things.