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How to Sum up values from custom field outputs

Hey all, I am in a trial version and I am trying to customize...any help would be great. I have created a number of custom fields that output a number into other custom fields depending on what you enter.
   i.e. If you chose "value-buyer" in the custom field "Decision Maker's Buyer Type", it would output a value of "1" in another custom field called "Buyer Type".
What I want to do is add up all of the numerical values that are output into custom fields. The idea is to set a target number, and if the sum goes above it then the prospect is "qualified" and if its below then the prospect is "not qualified"..
Is this possible???

Yep it's possible. All you need to do is create a new roll up summary custom field on the objects parent object (this assumes you have a master-detail relationship). If you don't already have a master object you can create a simple one, with just a name field, plus all the roll-up-summaries you want.

However, you may find it easier to simply define a report, and run a sum of your values. You could then create a dashboard, and use a Gauge object to link to the report, setting Unqualied and Qualified values appropriately.

Hope this helps, I've assumed a bit more SF knowledge than you may have.