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Thanks to all members especially Rick Greenwald...

Hi Members....
                           I am thankful to all the members of this forum specially Rick Greenwald

This forum is helping a lot for the new users who started working on force.com platform.

Can any one please clarify:
Suppose i developed an organisation XYZ on the Salesforce.com and i have an existing web application ABC which is implemented using JSPs or PHP.

Suppose I want to embed XYZ in ABC then is it mean integrating  XYZ with ABC?

Please correct me if i am wrong.

croc -

Thanks for the nice words - you know how to get more answers! :smileywink:

You can get to Force.com functionality by creating a web service with Apex, or access data in your Force.com environment through the Force.com Web Services API.

Hope this helps.
Hi Ricky,
How are you? I have a question for you.
I am looking at page 444 of the Developer Guide http://developerforce.s3.amazonaws.com/books/Force.com_Developer.pdf and it says in step 9 that:

"The email looks fine, so you can return to the class code for the sendCandidateSchedule class ...." . Isearched the whole doc and could not find the class named sendCandidateSchedule.

Where can I find it?

Thanks and regards,