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SmartFollow interfering with my ability to deploy code

Hi all,


After struggling with the intricacies of  setting up a sandbox, writing my trigger, then writing the test class, and finally have it pass in my sandbox, when I tried to validate the deployment in our production environment, it failed with the message:


Failure Message: "System.Exception: Assertion Failed", Failure Stack Trace: "Class.chatterFollowBatchCaller.testchatterFollowBatchCaller: line 176, column 1"


As best as I can tell, during validation, it is trying to runt he tesMethod testchatterFollowBatchCaller and failing on line 176, i.e.




but I honestly have no idea why that is, nor why it's failing (well, it falis because the size is 0, rather than > 0 - that much I know).


Why would someone else's code want to run a test when I am trying to validate my own code? More importantly, how do I avoid this validation, at least until I can deploy my own code?