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Milestones PM - still active?



I've just tried installing Milestones PM to one of our Sandboxes.  I've tried poking around but it's throwing up a couple of errors.  Before I dive in to start trying to fix these I thought I'd check if this App is still being actively supported, modified and improved.  I cant seem to find any recent activity, unless I'm looking in the wrong place?






Hi Carlo,


Force.com labs apps are not supported by Salesforce, but rather, are supported by the community or partners. The original source code resides on GitHub and you can see the activity there. My company, Passage Technology, have developed accelerators / improvements for Milestones PM that are listed here: http://www.passagetech.com/solutions/salesforce-platform-helper/accelerators We have also made contributions to the source code on GitHub and we do support several existing customers using Milestones PM. Let me know if you are interested in any accelerators or support to help speed up your development or get you past any roadblocks.




Jerry Reid

Passage Technology