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Using Excel Connector with Custom Built Objects

Hi There,
First of all, I am very proud to admit that I can use the excel connector successfully for 'opportunities' and it works great...Now, however, I am having problems with a Custom Built Object.  It seems the Custom Built object (named "Partnerships") only has a Parternerhip ID and not an Account ID...so the fields I try and grab are" Partnership ID, Partnership Name, Stage and Close Date.   But, I get the following error when I try and update using the connector:
Salesforce Excel Add-In
Salesforce: Query()
invalid Range, missing data type, or other error,
type is: Partnership
sObject type 'Partnership ' is not supported. If you are attempting to use a custom object, be sure to append the '__c' after the entity name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names.
What does it mean to append the '_c' after the entity name. Should that be 'Partnershp Id_c????
The __c is additional text the Salesforce.com adds to the end of every custom field name in order to prevent custom and standard fields from being mixed up.  That is what helps with there upgrades.

You may be having an issue as your custom object may be named same as a standard object that you are not currently using.

Something you can try is to click on the connector options, then click on the Use Names tab, and make sure the Use API Names is checked.  This will then show the API names in the column headings - it is harder to ready but should eliminate your error.


Hi Kevin,
That didn't work....bummer...but thanks for your feedback.  I went to connector options/use names/and checked off use api names...and below is how my table is setup...does that look right?
PartnershipPartnership: Partnership Opportunity Name__clike Gate
Partnership: ID__c
Partnership: Partnership Opportunity Name__c
Partnership: Created Date__c
Any other suggestions?
Ok, we've rulled out one thing, now lets look at the object definition and criteria.

This information should be in row A if you started the table in cell A1. 

Please let me know what you have listed in the first row of your table from left to right.

That is one thing we can check.

Here is another that may be a issue.  Based on your last post it appears that you have two fields labled the same.

ID__c & Partnership Opportunity Name__c both were listed as Partnership.  Is this correct?  If so that may be your challenge.  Try changing the ID__c name to something different, perhaps Partnershp ID.  You should then log out of your excel connector session and log back in just to make sure you have the most recent info.  Then go and recreate the table.

If you need further clarification let me know.


Well, its a miracle..Somehow it worked....

I changed the names to be:


Company: Account ID

Partnership: Partnership Opportunity Name

For some reason it updates now. Its not real clean and I get some warnings but i can upload the data in excel to salesforce. 

THanks so much for your feedback and help.


Here's a pretty simple fix I found to this issue.

Add your custom object name to the first cell, say 'CustomObject__c' in A1 for example.  Then, go down to the next row, A2 in this example, and then from the sforce Connector button, click Define Sforce Object.  This will give you the problem field names to use when inserting, updating or querying the object. 

The key is that you have to have the double underscores when working with custom objects.