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Excel Connector won't load Person Account data

Hi there


I have been trying to get the Excel Connector to download data from either the Accounts or Contacts tables in EE without success. The instance has a B-C setup (Person Accounts). To add to this, the Accounts Tab has been renamed as "Customers". I have been able to download from all tables in this instance except the Accounts and Contacts tables. I have been able to download data from other tables in the instance where the Tab has been renamed - ie I suspect that the renaming of the Accounts Tab is not relevant. I am using the 6.16pe version inside Excel 2003 SP3.


Any ideas how to get this to work?


Please ignore. I have just been reading another post and it occurred to me to try a later version of the API (I had tried everything else). I have been using v6.0 as installed, but got results on both Accounts and Contacts by using v15.0.


To quote Jakester:

"Make sure that you're using the latest API with the connector - you can set this by going to Options and then the Advanced Tab in sforce connector. Enter this version: https://www.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/15.0 "


Thx James

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