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RevenueForecast Start Date greater than 31/12/2007 ERROR

I get a message reading:
id from RevenueForecast where StartDate > 2007-12-31T00:00:00.000Z
value of filter criterion for field 'StartDate' must be of type date and should not be enclosed in quotes
This used to work!
I would assume that you've tried formatting the date as 12/31/2007?
You may also want to set Excel's cell format to 'text' (not 'general'  or 'date') and see if that produces a different result.
Thanks for your suggestions, unfortunately still can not get this to work!

Did you ever get this problem solved? I am running into this issue now.  Very frustrating.  I have tried all iterations of cell and date format possible.


Please let me know if anyone figured this one out.


It might depend on your API version and the object you are trying to query, but I have found that typing it in this way, (regardless how the format LOOKS), works well: 2009-04-01


So for example construct your excel connector query as such:


LEAD IDFirst NameLast NamePhone


Hopefully, this works with your setup.



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I never did solve the problem.


Subsequently I have been using Demand Tools and DB Amp and therefore no longer need to use the Connector 



Darn. That is sad. Oh well. Thanks for your replies.  If I hear anything or figure it out, I'll post back here.
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i have the same problem

"must be of type date and should not be enclosed in quotes"

and then the excel connector disconnects and i need to log in again.



If anyone else ends up here, this seems to work:


for 12/31/2009, use the date formatted like this: