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Data Export to include attachments



I wish to know using the excel connector or Apex Data Loader is there a way to filter records that do have an attachment attached to it for either a custom or standard object and if it was a boolean what field would I be looking at?

Basically I want to know how many records I extract using either the excel connector or Apex Data Loader that does have a document attached to it and if possible how many attachments if there is more than one.




Kirk F.ax361Kirk F.ax361
If you want to stick with the Excel connector, read up about the "ON" join you can perform in the connector. Instructions here:

http://sforce.sourceforge.net/excel/index.htm (click "joining tables" and scroll to the "ON" section)



Another trick:

using any tool you like (Data Loader, Excel Connector, etc) run this query:

select ParentId, Name, Size from Attachment a

To generate a list of all your attachments by their parentID.  Then filter by the first three characters of the ParentID (the ID Prefix), which tells you the type of object (for example, an attachment with parentID of 0037000000ibYvd has the prefix of 003 -- a contact).