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Don't see 'Connect for Office' or 'Connect for Outlook' in SETUP

I have now visited a fair number of messages/links/help pages in an effort to install the Excel connector and the Office Toolkit but haven't had any success yet.  I installed  Office Toolkit 3.0 and the Excel connector but nothing appears in Excel under add-ins.


Here are my specs:

Salesforce version: Free Developer edition that I have changed into a non Profit version by appling 5 packages.

O/S version: Vista Ultimate

Excel version: 2007 SP2


Now I want to try installing Office Toolkit 4.0. From what I understand, I should be able to indirectly install this by installing 'Connect for Outlook' which should appear under SETUP/DESKTOP INTEGRATION along with 'Connect for Office'. However the only options I see under SETUP/DESKTOP INTEGRATION are 'CHECK FOR UPDATES' and 'FORCE.COM CONNECT OFFLINE'. Does anyone know why 'Connect For Outlook' and 'Connect For Office' would not appear?


Your Salesforce Administrator has not given you access to them.
imho "Connect for Office" & "Connect for Outlook" aren't available for Developer Editions
Thanks for the replies. I can see these options in another edition of SF so it must be because of the developer's edition that I have.

re: Using a NonProfit Edition - if it's not too late you should apply for the official NonProfit Edition as this won't have the storage / space limitations that Developer Edition has (which is meant, I guess, to avoid people using a free instance for non-development work).


That'd get you the link to Connect to Outlook, too.


re: DE just not having Connect to Outlook - it's indeed a bummer for people that do need to kick its tires and take screenshots (like me). Can the link be activated upon request?