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Uploading Meetings into "Activity History" portion of SF

I've been trying to import from excel a few hundred meetings into salesforce.  I've tried various uploads and have not found a way for the meetings to populate under the "activity history" header.


Should I be using Import Wizard, Excel Connector, or Data Loader?


I've seen Simon's posts on this matter but none have helped with my specific problem.


I've tried this on my MacBook Pro as well as on my co-worker's thinkpad but to no avail.


Please help!





I would use the 'Insert' function on the Excel Connector, but there are a few manual steps required, like finding the Salesforce ContactID that relates to the Activity for the Event Contact/Lead ID field.


I suggest adding a single activity through the UI, then extracting it using the Excel Connector, so you can get a feel for the information that needs to be loaded into each field.


Something to be aware of ...


For it to show in the History section, the date of the meeting will have to be a date before the current date.  Until then, it will show up in the Open Activities section.  It will be moved for you automatically as soon as the date does pass -- whether or not the meeting actually occurred.