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Error: Salesforce: Update() invalid Range, missing data type, or other error: Account Type mismatch

Took me awhile to narrow down the culprit.  Occurs whenever I have a date field included in the query.


Here's steps to duplicate it - at least on my computer.

- Describe Sforce object

- Select object

- Include all fields

- Limit query to subject of records

- After results are displayed, select all rows

- Do a Query Selected Rows


If any rows have data in a date field.  The query will bomb at that row, on the first date field with data.

I am using the newest version of Excel connector.  One that has ability to select Production or Test environment from login screen.

Anyone else have this issue?


I am also getting errors when trying to query based on a date eg CloseDate greater than 03/12/2011. giving me an error code 5077.


Using the new PE excel connector. Do not have this issue when using the old PE Excel Connector.


Can anyone provide some insight?


rpr2 - I am not experiencing that problem using version 16.1 of the connector (You can find the version number under the "Help on s-force-Excel Add-In" option under its menu), at least not as best I could duplicate your steps.


lmjohnson - Unfortunately that is a limitation of the current connector, when it queries any date from Excel it transmits it to Salesforce as a datetime, and the field CloseDate is only a date -- Salesforce can't link it, so the request fails.  Unfortunately, the only workaround I'm aware of is to pull all opportunities that might possibly qualify (Queried by their creation date, for example) and then use Excel to sort by the CloseDate.


If a rollback is a viable option for you, older versions of the connector may not have this problem.  I am not certain if that addresses the problem, it is not something I have tested.