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Editing lead source for converted leads - how is it possible?

This is driving me crazy! I have come to the Excel Connector because I needed a bi-directional data tool so I can correct some text errors in the lead source fields of converted leads. I understand that Data Loader is available in EE but I have PE so I thought this would be the answer. However, when I attempted to edit the data I get an error message that says, "Update Row Failed: cannot reference converted lead."
Am I correctly understanding that the Excel Connector will update any data in SF except data in a converted lead???????? Why is this data so guarded that it appears to be impossible to edit any textual info that has no formulas or logic running against it? I have some lead sources from previous months that are incorrect and they skew my report and require me to manually correct them every time.; Simple things like a lead source of "ASP 2008" should be "ASP 0208". I don't want to delete the converted lead and then convert a corrected lead because it will throw off the date of the conversion and break the connection with the existing opportunity. There must be a way? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi D,

I've been using the connector for a couple years and I'm not aware of how to update a converted lead using the excel connector either. But my guess is that this is a limitation of the SF-backend and not the connector.

A sloppy work-around is to use the campaign module and add the leads (and converted contacts where applicable) of a particular lead source to an appropriate campaign and then do your reporting on campaigns instead of the leads themselves.

I realize that this may not be a feasible solution depending on your setup, however.

good luck,

You cann't update converted lead at Lead object. Once you convert any leads, data goes to Account, Contact, and Opportunity objects. So take a fresh backup from Salesforce.com for the corresponding object where you want to update. Since you want to update Lead Source, so this field will be available at Opportunity object. Take a backup of opportunity object using excel connector and make a correction in your data and update the opportunity records.
This will solve your problem.
Let me know if you still have problem.



I'm bumping this topic up - hopefully someone will read it!


If I update the opportunity lead source, the reports run on the converted leads still show the original value - it's important for pipeline reporting that we are able to update these values. Is there any way to update the lead source across converted leads to ensure it shows up on lead reports?



If you use the replace function within the UI you actually can update the value on leads that were converted.  I just did this for a client.

Can anyone explain the replace function in UI??

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I think Tiger89 must be referring to the Replace option on picklists. So if you had a particular picklist value on converted leads that you wanted to edit, you could replace that picklist value with another value and that change would be made to the converted leads.


If anyone ever tries this, please post your results to confirm.


This thread is over 2 years old- but still very relevant and well stated. I have a similar situation whereby I need to delete the lead data of a handful of converted leads.


Deleting the resulting account and contact was easy- not so with the lead data. As the original poster said so eloquently "Why is this data so guarded that it appears to be impossible to edit.." or in my case to delete?


Any work arounds?? My reports are severly skewed- the ability to delete some converted lead data would provide a much needed solution. Anyone?




Ha! Solution found!!


Use mass delete to search for the offending records and... DELETE!!


For everyone that needs the ability to modify converted leads, please please vote for the ideas in the IdeaExchange.  This is such an important tool to keep data clean.


In total, there are three posts in the exchange:





We just came across this as well.  I can't believe this is even an issue... and it's been around since 2006?  I just requested that SF merge the three topics stollmeyera posted, so maybe that will draw some attention?  I'm not hopeful given the age of this original request.


I'm working through some Lead Source changes and had similar questions, so I thought I'd post my findings for what its worth...


I have been able to successfully update the Lead Source on converted leads using the Replace button in the Lead Source field detail.  This also works when you delete a value and choose to replace it with an existing value when prompted.  Note:  when you update the value for a Converted lead source, the lead source for the related Contact and Opportunity are also updated to the new value.


I have not been able to update the Lead Source on a Converted lead via the API using DataLoader (v21).  The error states 'cannot reference converted lead'.


So it seems the Replace button in the application UI is the only option.  This is unfortunately going to take a while as I have a lot of values to change....

This is a very old thread but i will try my luck. We had a similar problem where we had to update multiple fields on all leads ( including converted leads). 
It is an ugly workaround but basically we created two different upload files. One for unconverted leads (easy fix via update) and one for the converted leads. This is where it gets messy. We needed Salesforce to unlock us the System Fields (CreatedDate, etc.), after this we deleted (after having them backed up) the converted leads and reinserted them with the new values and putting in all lookup IDs (ConvertedAcc, ConvertedOpp, etc). 
In the end it did work out but it is a lot of effort to "just update" information. 

Usually we would have done the cleanup in our external DataWarehouse (e.g. by overwriting the LeadSource with the Opportunity LeadSource) but this time we really needed the Information in our Salesforce Reporting. 
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Check this one..


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I realize this is old, but I need help and did not find my answers on the links provided.  I followed all steps as documented.  When I get to the profile portion it's not letting me check the box to "Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation".  It doesn't let me check or uncheck anything at all.  I am currently a full system admin with access.
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Its not under profile, its under the 'User Interface'.
Please check the attached image.
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