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will Excel connector also work for PE edition

Trial Professional edition in which API is disabled...Will excel connector can be used to export any standard object data?

Rhonda RossRhonda Ross

Yes, there is a version specifially for PE.  You can download it from this page:



Just be sure to select the correct version.


To simplify the setup, you can use this:


The Excel Connector Quickinstaller, developed by Acumen Solutions, is available at http://code.google.com/p/excel-connector-quickinstaller to install the Sforce Office Toolkit (which you need to do first), but then install the Winter11 version of the PE connector, NOT the version of connector in Acumen's installer.


Once you get it running, you will also need a new Security Token to append to your password when you run a query. You can get a new token by going to Setup in Salesforce.