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Puzzled Excel Connector issue: only partial records of a table are retrieved

I have a SFDC country table with 216 records. I can see all of them in SFDC list view (this proves that I have access) and I can also extract them via Jitterbit dataloader.


However, when I use Excel Connector, this is what happened:


1) If I use "Table Query WIzard" or "Query Table Data", without any filder, then only 13 records returned


2) If I paste all record ID in excel,  use "Query Selected Rows", then it does retrieve data of all rows.


I tried several times. It always the same 13 records. (I could see any pattern from the 13 records)


I am using the latest Excel Connection (Version 16.03).  I did not have this problem before and also don't have problem today with other tables.  I have full SFDC admin access




Please kindly shed some lights


I have the same problems.

i've noticed that if i update record (eg.lead) it becomes visible in excell query results.

all new records are visible in excell query results.

Bing MaletzBing Maletz

Jacek2jacek, thanks for sharing the solution.