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Inserting a Task with a Reminder

I have successfully used the Salesforce connector to insert tasks that are associated with opportunities.  However, these inserted tasks do not have the "reminder" set.  I want the reminder set so that at the future date associated with the inserted task is reached, there will be a reminder that pops up to remind the assigned user to accomplish the assigned task.  Note that when I use the online interface to create a task for an opportunity, the reminder is automatically set for me.


How do I insert a task using Excel Connector and have the reminder for that task set?


Hi there,


You should have a field available called 'Reminder Set' in which you can enter true or false, there should also be a field called 'Reminder Date/Time' and for me has to be entered in the following format 10/19/2012  09:00:00


If you aren't seeing these you might be on an old version of the Connector, download the latest version and both should be available to you.