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Excel Connector Advanced Function

I use the Excel Connector on a daily basis and was wondering if anyone had any tips or experiences building their own advanced functions



Specifically I would like to include a resetpassword function so I could easily add users through the connector without having to go back into the interface and create a view to send them a password validation email.


Looking at the reset password function here



You would think you could incorporate this into the excel connector.


To build your own it references knowing the sflookup_w function


Build your own

If you want to build more of these yourself, you'll probably want to look at how each of these calls sflookup_w and the values which you can pass to the salesforce.search function.


Anyone else have experience doing this?


Why don't you just hit Alt-F11 and go into the VB Editor environment and look at the code in sforce_connector XLA ?

(Note: this assumes it's UNPROTECTED by password).


You'll see the existing called functions and how they implement the SF VB API.



I have snooped around in the code, considering I posted the documentation referencing the sflookup. I guess I was specifically looking for some examples of what other people have done to add onto it.


Hopefully, I can get involved with this shortly. First I must see if our instance of Sales Force is enabled for API access. I don't think that it is set "on" by default.

Secondly, I must get corporate IT approval for installing the VB API and then this Addin.


What's nice is this add-in provides a more friendly "wrapper" for the base/core API functions.

On top of that, it makes many functions useable within cell formulas.


The sky's probably the limit as to what you could build into this addin.

I'm more interested in bring back rows of data, but that should be doable as well.