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Mauricio Ardila.ax1888Mauricio Ardila.ax1888 

ExactTarget Account

I want to use ExactTarget APIs, but that will require me to get an ExactTarget demo account that I do not have. 


I am already part of the code.Exacttarget community and I have access to their resources, but I need access to an account. 


Could you guys help me with that ?

Pat PattersonPat Patterson

Great question Mauricio - we're looking into the best option for you and will post an update soon.





Please see the following post with full information on how to obtain the ExactTarget Dreamforce Hackathon Developer Edition:



Raman DhawanRaman Dhawan
Looking for answer to original question. Can someone point to right way as developer edition links are leading to 404 page not found. Or any other way to get started?