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Deployable? Code coverage?

Will the entries be scanned? Will there be a 75% code coverage requirement?

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While I don't think we say anywhere in the rules anything about code coverage, I would think that you need as much code coverage as required to inspire confidence in yourself that your code will work when it is required to be exercised during judging.

Bottom line, we will not be looking at code coverage. For those unfamiliar with code coverage, it is a requirement that Apex code has test classes that "cover" 75% of the application code before it is promotable to "production" orgs. A production org is any org that is not Developer Edition or a Sandbox.

We would rather everyone spend time on the amazing functionality of their app rather than programming code coverage for code coverage's sake.

Having said all that, if you do need to promote your code to a Trial Edition or other production org, you WILL need 75% code coverage to do that.