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GeoFencing / targeting SMS messages / mobile notifications?


Can't find anything in the APIs about sending geo-specific notifcations using ExactTarget's API. Ie: user has app installed and walks into a fenced location and my app send him/her a notification. Anything like that exist? 


I'm looking for something similar to what Urban Airship has: 





Hm, I found this: http://blogs.developerforce.com/developer-relations/2012/10/winter-13-using-apex-and-soql-with-geolocation.html


Wonder if i'd need to tie the sms functions to geolocation and that they're not bundled together? 


Hm, yea, I was more wondering if there was a SF API that I could use - seems like there would be something like that in the API pool... 

Unfortunately, no. It would need to be triggered by a check in or something.