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A mobile application useable by the judges (see below for more details)

"On or before 2:01 pm on November 19th, Participants will be 

provided with a URL to the third-party vendor website to submit their Entry"


"Upon completion of 

the registration process, Participants will be able to submit their Entries. Entries consist

-A mobile application useable by the judges (see below for more details)"


Looking below:

"All submitted Entries must be fully functional applications. We need to be able to use 

your application in order to judge it!"

With an iOS app, we can't just submit any old app to anyone.  It needs to be signed to work on specified devices for ad hoc deployment.  How is this possible when we are required to submit to some unknown url?


When you submit your source code to the Hackation, it should come with complete information that would allow a third party to compile your application if necessary.  In the case of iOS, it is recommended to include your entire Xcode project so that a third party can use Xcode to compile to another device.


And what is meant by "mobile" ? 

If the UI is optimized for iPad in terms of size and performance, does that qualify as mobile? 

Yes - if I can login and use the application from an iPad that would qualify.