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Developer console bugs

Is it just me or is this Dev Console useless?

1. Randomly just stops updating
2. most recent logs do not appears at the top (Unless you manually sort
3. On opening, get error that log not found (just annoying)
4. Cannot clear logs. If you try to all sorting is lost.
5. On resume, sorting is lost. logs may or may not start reappearing.
6. Filter by key word does not find results even though the word is in the file.
7. Cannot clear test logs

It is really become a useless tool at ths point
Cory CowgillCory Cowgill
I have many of the same issues. I continue to use the Force.com Eclipse Plugin-In to do my development work in. Salesforce.com is continually working to improve the tool however I still feel Force.com IDE / Mavensmate / BrainEngine are better tools at the moment.