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Auto Opportunity on Web to Lead

Hello All,

Anyone has ideas around how can i create an opportunity automatically on web to Lead OR can i use Lead as an Opportunity to attach Line Items and price list...I basically want users to book a table in Restaurant from website form page and on submit an opportunity will be created and a table No field  from the Table object will be auto populated in the opportunity..I can then add the menu selection to the Opportunity.

Many Thanks in advance 
I'd actually approach this by writing a Visualforce page that creates the opportunity (instead of a lead) and provides an interface to add these menu items to the oppty. Expose that menu page on a force.com site, or in a community (for logged in users).

Web-to-Lead forms are meant for simple one-and-done name capture. Something more sophisticated like this should probably be done with Visualforce.
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Good Idea Des..Many Thanks.Do i need separate licences for users of force.com site page?