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The My Email to Salesforce address is not working when added to the "Addtional Emails" field of Email Alerts

When I add the "My Email to Salesforce" address to the "additional emails" field of an email alert the email does not get added to the activity history.
I am adding the correct address and the correct record Id of the record to which the email needs to be added.
When I send the email manually through an external email client, it works perfect. But the same is not working through an email alert.

I have 2 sand boxes. It works on one but not on the other. Can anyone throw light on this?

Please check to see if the mails are going to the unresolved items  rather than getting added to the contact activity history.
The above might happen if multiple contacts /no contact exists with the same email address .

Thanks Sonam for your answer, but the email Ids are unique. Also nothing comes to the unresolved items.
Are you getting any bouce back emails?

Also, the email address through which you are sending these alerts - does the My Email to Salesforce Address has this sender email listed as the acceptable email address?