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Outbound Messaging Delivery Status 403 Forbidden

I have a Developer Edition account as I am trying to do a POC on integration of SFDC using Tibco BW.
I have created a Workflow Rule which triggers an Outbound Message. The message will be recieved by a Tibco BW Web Service on tibco's end over HTTP.

Even though the URL in the outbound Message matches the Webservice URL, the outbound message get's stuck on the SFDC side with a Delivery Failure Reason '(403) Forbidden'.

Please tell me what is the reason for the error as there is no information that i could find on this. Also, how can i fix this.
Ted Husted NUTed Husted NU

Typically, status code 403 responses are the result of the web server being configured to deny access, for some reason, to the requested resource by the client.

As a problem determination step, what happens when you

* Open Setup / Outbound Messages /
* Click on the name of your message bundle
* Click on the Endpont URL

Does opening the endpoint URL also return an error message?

If so, then the web service is refusing the conneciton, and you should pass the error along to a Tibco developer.

If not, can you provide a screen shot of what it does return?

HTH, Ted. 

Janita, Well I am getting same error.  Has the issue got resolved atyour end? If so, what was solution?  It is a bit urgent to resolve this issue at my side. A quick reply is much appreciated..  Thanks in adv.
Kamal Kishore SinghKamal Kishore Singh
Try testing as explained in the blog
I was getting the same error while testing the outbound message, but when I changed the url in outbound message it got resolved. 

Here is the blog. You can check

Could it be, that winter release is blocking the outbound message test with https://putsreq.com? I always got the error 403 Forbidden, no matter, what i am trying. Any clue from you?