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Maintaining records yearwise

Hello Dear all,

I have a requirement where the records that were created for my City Strategy Object in 2013 should remain as it is and in Year 2014 those records should be recreated with the new values for 2014. Same should be done for year 2015.Eg   revenue generated field and oher similar data for London city in 2013 should remain as it is and we will now create new reocrds for 2014 and maintain the aggregate of revenue generated for 2014 and then for 2015.

What should be the best way to do this? I am thinking of creating a Parent object 'Year' to this City Strategy Object using lookup Rel and populate the year field in old records with 2013 and then new records will be associated to Year 2015. But also business wants to display the field as eg Revenue generated for 2013=xxx and revenue generated for 2014 is yyy..for the London record.Similarly for other cities.

Heartly Thanks in advance for your help..
Is this a one time requirement? As per the post, i assume that you need to create all the records once per year. If that is the case, you can use data loader to export the year 2013 records, change the values as needed in excel (may be by using excel formulae) and the  insert them into salesforce. 

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Hi Satish, 
Thanks for your reply. Its not one time but the records are created throughout the year and as you enter into new year the new records should distinguish itself for the new year.And we are not not looking to export it anywhere but records will remain in the system itself.

any more ideas?

Thanks a lot

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Sorry kind of stuck with this one...Any great ideas please? Thanks!