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WebSite Integration with salesforce (Web Service)

 I'm new to salesforce , And I have a requirement where i got to integrate website with salesforce.
I want to have a solution which can be used further without back and forth.

In my view I want to use webservice, Since I'm new to salesforce Im unaware how approach.
Looking for kindstep by step help/approach from this community.


I'm  looking for a solution where user's signup info from website posted should be saved in contact object.
How do i have to appraoch this solution ? right now i dont have client website platform information whether it is created with only scripting or along with programming language.

Is there a similar solution where we can have salesforce web-to-lead like solution (encrypted in visual force script added to webmaster page of website)?

Can we create webservice and expose ?
Can we consume webservice from external system using wsdl?

Looking forward for you step by step procedure which can lead me to solve the above problem.

Thank you
Abrar Waheed.


Hi Abrar,

There are quite a few apps that would help you to integrate with your website information to come over to SF as a lead. If you would like to develop it, there are ways where SF provides all the necessary parameters required to have a webservice communicate with it. 
I found an app which might help you. Check out the below link

Gopi Krish