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base package components did not get added to the extension package after the upload

Could someone help me out with a packaging problem that I am having?

I have created a base package (managed) and installed it in a DE org. then I used the components (i.e. fields, VF page, Apex Class) from the base pkg and developed an extension package.  For some reasons, I don't see any base package components got added to the extension package after the upload.

When I installed my extension package, I received the error below 

Package install error
There are problems that prevent this package from being installed.
A required package is missing        
Package "base", Version 1.2 or later must be installed first.

any idea how I can resolve this problem?

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When you create an extension - it willnot pull up all the componwnts of the base package so if you wish to install the extension on a machine - you need to have the base packgae installed first - read more: http://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=publish_extensions.htm&language=en_US