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By passing user profile object permissions in visual force page


i have a custom object PROJECT and a custom profile TEST . The TEST profile does not have CREATE permission on PROJECT so he cannot see the NEW BUTTON on the PROJECT object home page.

now I have a visual force page which is mirror of  project page layout . User will be able to fill in all required  project fields and will be able to save the record in this visual force page to object  PROJECT.

now as user profile does not have CREATE access to PROJECT , he is not able to create the record in visual force page. All the fields are read only for him in the visual force page .

I don't want to give him create access but he should be able to create the object record from visual force page. Is there any way I could by pass the object permissions of the profile .

i tried key words WITH SHARING  and WITHOUT SHARING but dint workout 
Try using a custom controller.
Standard Controllers respect profile permissions but Custom Controllers do not.

Satish Kumar
Thanks Satish !!
will try that