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Access Custom Setting field with a string

Hi all,

Looking for some help on how to access a Custom Setting field with a String.

My use case is, I retrieve a month name as a string from a date eg. "January".
Thanks to that value I have to retrieve the value from the appropriate field in my Custom Setting instance (in this case January__c).

How can I convert my string to the metadata field name, knowing that these fields have the exact names + '__c'

Can anybody provide a snippet of code?


The code in the following post shows how to do want you're asking.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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String theMonth = 'January';
My_Custom_Setting__c myCustomSetting = My_Custom_Setting__c.getInstance( 'MyCustomSettingName' );
String theFieldValue = (String) myCustomSetting.get( theMonth + '__c' );