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Is there a way to access the label for the standard actions, ie List, New, Edit?

I know I can access the object labels like {!$ObjectType.Case.LabelPlural}  However, I want to also access the standard translations for the actions such as List, New, Edit. The output should be "Cases List" or "New Case" like you would see in the standard pages. Right now I have the label and just hardcoded the words "New" or "List" on the output. 

The purpose of this is custom visualforce pages in a community where I need to use translations.  I would rather not use custom labels for these because I know the standard translations have to be in there somewhere.  Any idea where I can access these?
Translations are usually done in Translation Workbench (Setup -> Transalation Workbenc -> Translate). See if that helps.

Translation workbench is how to set override translations for standard or custom translations. My question is how to access some of those standard translations that are not related to objects.